Pour favor collaborates with women in Central America; the region on our continent with the highest rates of illiteracy and poverty. Still, we find a lot of women who regardless of their dire situation, they find a creative way to make unique handmade products with limited resources. Pour Favor lends a hand to empower those women, invest in their ideas, provide them with the support they need. We are empowering these women and to help they overcome adversity daily, as they fiercely fight the status quo with extremely limited resources to provide for their families.  Following on the highest manner to help a country develop and help more women become educated we re-invest the proceeds from the products and grant educational grants for girl with educational goals that they attend local college.


Hi! My name is Kathy Leiva and I’m the founder of pour favor. I grew up in San Pedro Sula, Honduras (today one of the most violent cities in the world). Now that i have achieved my own "American Dream" through education, I feel the need to pay-it-forward. My mission is to make a difference in the lives of those who have to survive living under extreme poverty and lack of opportunity.

By establishing this organization (in late 2014), pour favor, my hope is to touch the lives of women who are willing to make a difference (fighters!) If given the opportunity. We are supporting their ventures, their entrepreneurial spirit and educational goals. We would like for these women to have a fighting chance or opportunity to make a difference not only with their families but their communities.

Can we achieve this by selling goods? Yes, we are! By working with women in Central America to design products and investing in their human potential we are empowering them. We also seek to make education more accessible to those who want to pursue it. We achieve this by helping design more contemporary options to their traditional handcrafted goods. Pour favor works on behalf of these women to offer those unique creations to the rest of the world.

Pour favor is also delighted to be able to bring these goods to those free spirited, chic, fashion conscience, travel loving, globally minded, meaningful shoppers and join our movement of making a difference through shopping. Yes! You can make difference while shopping! :) So, I invite you to make a change today and shop more meaningfully as it can have a great positive effect on others.   

If you would like to learn more about my journey with pour favor from the beginning, please visit my blog 

Les Amo,