How quickly does one forget a miracle, while waiting for the next to occur!? For me, it seems that I forgot very quickly. Maybe, if I had not journaled my experience I would have completely forgotten such a special moment in my life. One of those moments that gives you goosebumps and brings us to tears.

It was almost Christmas 2014 and I found myself in doubt over starting Pour Favor (what I now also refer to as my life's project). At that time, I was really talking myself out of it. I was hoping to convince myself that I really could not move forward with this idea. It was simply going to be too difficult. I made up a million excuses. One reason that was sticking at that point was the lack of money. I simply said to myself "I can't do this, I can't possibly afford this." Even though the non-profit business registration was only $50, I made that the easy excuse to myself.

Well, one day, like every day, I went to work and read my daily meditation: Ps 119:38” (Picture of it below. Yes I took a picture to send it to my sister).  I felt the words spoke to me and I felt kind of weirded out by them.  But I simply meditated over them and how strong they sounded. ;/ "God is someone pushy at times!" I thought to myself, jokingly. 

Upon my return home that day, I had received a check in the mail ($260.96 NO JOKE!). WHAT! This was not in any way expected. To this day, I cannot reason why I received that check. A letter explained there had been a court settlement (of which I had never heard of) and that I was awarded that money. Ummmm! How often does money just come to your door? No, really? Do you have a similar story? I would like to know (write me a comment if you do, please). 

Check from the holy spirit! :) 

This became the confirmation that I needed to push me in the direction that I needed to go. Whether you believe in miracles (God, karma, spiritual guidance etc.) or not, you have to agree that the timing was perfect. Later that month, on December 29, 2014, I received my formal incorporation letter from the State of Missouri. A day to be remembered forever!

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