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Empowered Women,Who Empower Women


Women in Central America living in poverty, have to live in gang ridden neighborhoods in constant violence. We work with women artisans in the region to create unique handcrafted goods, and fund college education for another girl with the proceeds.  

Since 2014 (when founded), we have been working on helping women develop their craft; while also β€œadopting” a few others to support their college locally. We believe in better possibilities for women interested in helping develop their own communities.  

Why do we use the word β€œadopting”? Well, it is the word that better explains how invested we are in supporting each woman, followed by our commitment to helping each reach her educational goals.

Not only do we help women artisan and their families develop their product; we also expand their product to the global market.  

We are bridging possibilities for women in need x with those who care to help while shopping our unique brand :) 



Les Amo,